Welcome to Andes Gold Corp.

Andes Gold Corporation is a US registered public company currently trading on Pink Sheets (AGCZ). Andes Gold, through its wholly owned subsidiary company Compania Minera P.L. In Ecuador, South America controls a gold mining and exploration concession called the Miranda Alto.

Key Highlights:

• Andes Gold owns two producing mines and one fully operating mill.
• The mill is currently processing 50 tons of ore per day
• The capacity of the mill is increasing and is expected to be at 150 tons per day by the end of March 2012.
• The average head grade of ore being processed is 1.0 oz gold and 15 g of silver per ton of ore.
• Andes Gold processes ore from other mines. This increases cash flow and profits.
•On the Miranda vein, the company has 95,000 oz. of proven reserves. Inferred reserves from the 700 m level on Miranda, Azul, Estrella, Sul and Viscaya veins are 600,000 oz.
• Andes Gold continues to develop existing reserves as well as acquire new reserves.
• Andes has begun reclamation programs on its projects.